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Shooting overseas?

Sure, it’s glamorous, and probably more cost-effective too. But when setting up a production in a foreign location, it is important to remember that currency rates will play a key role in budgeting. You have to pay local accommodations, license fees, consultants, and crew. If financial markets change and currency rates shift during shooting, your budget could swell.   It’s a good idea to work with a currency expert, such as Global Currency Service, to transfer your money at the lowest possible exchange rates, while also protecting your budget from adverse exchange movements.

Keeping your production on-time and under budget

Production accountants have many payments to make, from catering and costumes, to location fees and equipment rental. Sending each payment through a bank will mean being charged a currency exchange fee every time. With GCS, transfer one lump sum for one small fee, and draw from that amount to make your payments.

Typically, banks have the upper hand with your accounts. Their exchange rates are traditionally higher than what independent currency experts can offer. With less overhead to cover than banks, Global Currency Service passes on the benefit to its clients by way of narrow exchange rate margins. This means, your cost of exchanging and transferring funds just got cheaper.

Economic markets volatile or political unrest a possibility in the region you’re shooting? Ask our team about securing a Forward Contract, in which your exchange rates are guaranteed. With this, your budget remains consistent, and not vulnerable to adverse market movements.

Service Summary

  • Currency planning and cash flow management advice
  • Competitive exchange rates (superior to banks)
  • No minimum amounts
  • Dedicated account manager to advise you on the timing of currency purchases
  • Fixed-rate, forward contracts up to 2 years

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